Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What a Maroon.

I woke up Sunday morning with heart-in-the-throat panic: I forgot to pay the mortgage this month. I lay on the bed, fingers splayed, gripping the bed, heart pounding. I tried to think back over the month - did I pay it? I certainly didn't remember paying it. I ran downstairs to check the mortgage coupon book. If the chit was still there for this month, then I really hadn't paid it. Chit was still there, AND chit for homeowners' association fees was also in its book - I really hadn't paid it.

I went back upstairs and lay down, hoping the heart would stop racing and that the adrenaline would work itself out. Instead, I proceeded to freak out: I've never missed a payment before, now my credit is going to get all screwed up, and I really need my credit report to be all-clear because I'm going to have to rent an apartment, and oh yeah - buy a car, I can't BELIEVE I forgot, and it's already the 26th of July, what else have I been forgetting - have I paid the credit card bill, am I dropping other balls left, right and center?

Finally, I decided, even a "drain on society" like me needs to hit the shower and start the day. While in the shower, soaping up my hair, I realised:
  1. It's June 26th
  2. I have, in fact, paid the mortgage for June
  3. On July 26th, I'll be taking the Bar! (i.e. if I'm in my shower on July 26th, I have bigger problems than having forgotten to pay the mortgage.)
  4. I'm a freakshow.


brimful said...

All this studying done frazzled you!

Seriously, last year, when I was under a type of stress that might parallel yours, I would often brush my teeth twice in the morning out of absent-mindedness. Here are my tips for recovery:
1. Find chocolate of choice. Consume.
2. Breathe deeply.
3. Laugh often.

p.s. I was forced to endure Hitch on a plane yesterday. Your asessment of it was dead on (I only wish I was in an environment where flinging of food/objects would have been acceptable).

CM said...

Aaaahhhh! I can see myself doing something like that... and I'm years away from studying for the bar. That's why my mortgage payments get automatically deducted from my account.

What's your assessment of Hitch? Not good, apparently. I just saw it. Like most romantic comedies, I thought the first half was cute and enjoyable, but once the various misunderstandings started happening it went downhill. (My viewing companions, apparently less cynical than me, were annoyed when I burst out with, "I LOVE YOU? They've been on two dates!")

maisnon said...

I think I'm fulfilling my "brimful prescription":

- Lindt Lindor Truffles are on sale this week. I've stocked up.

- I just got back from a dinner where we both laughed to the point of tears.

Ah good times, good times.

My assessment of Hitch: CRAP! I kept throwing plastic coasters at DTG b/c the movie pissed me off by being SOO formulaic.

Eve said...

Pay all July bills on July 1 - and wash that stuff right out of your brain!!! :)

shell said...

1. Remain calm.
2. Call up friends to rant.
3. Eat plenty of chocolates & ice cream sandwiches.
4. Feel guilty and run on treadmill for 3 hours.
5. Take a shower. Sleep.
6. Repeat.

Manish said...

Hitch was sweet, it had its moments.

stag said...

Just so you know, being less than 30 days late does not affect your credit report. Over 30, then the lender might report it.