Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Night and Day

delightful, delovely, delicious

Peeling Diana Krall a grape over cranberry juice and conversation. Long meanderings in search of the Metro. Finally beating Adams Morgan at its own game. My favorite frites joint pumping Ella. Feeling so boldly alive that I actually sing along. The ginkgo trees in their palmate splendor. Gossiping about the people around us in not one, not two, but THREE languages. And the fries, bliss on waxed paper.


shell said...

When I first glanced over the pix, I thought it was some haute couture dish.

A few seconds later, the pix came in focus and looked more and more like old fashioned frites.

Would you be kind enough to tell a near-sighted, sleep deprived gal what is it exactly?

maisnon said...

They are indeed frites - twice-cooked fries. These beauties are slathered in two types of hot stuff (the green, and the red), as well as ketchup and the pièce de résistance - garlic cream.

Haute cuisine for the likes of me :)

Chai said...

ohhhh...making me hungry......

LOVE frites and some european beer.

suitablegirl said...



Heather said...

ha, that shows what a foodie i am. i just thought they were fries in ketchup and mayo - yum.