Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Giving "Down Under" new meaning

Mad props to the Aussie that googled i touched a stripper and found MY blog.

I hope I didn't disappoint.


Chai said...

so, i clicked on the link and saw the Googled link. I kept surfing on other websites and was about to leave for BB and the the Google toolbar caught my eyes. The search bar read back "I touched a stripper."

Oh my lord. Thank god I saw that and clicked the window close, since I was working on my little bro's computer. Can you imagine my 13 year-old brother reading that??

shell said...

Having 2nd thoughts about what you put on your blog?

I wrote an entry about my alma mater once, and all of sudden I received visits from people who wanted to know more about the "cons" of attending this school (to be fair, I did list both the "pros" and "cons" but no one was interested in the "pros"). Now I am wondering if I should write a "pro" only section to make up for the past action.