Wednesday, July 13, 2005


In response to comments on Daniel, my brother:

1) Yes, no one's last name is Superdesiname (yet.) Kinda rhymes with Subramaniam, doesn't it?

This is another example of me thinking too much - I worried that somehow if I used his real name (Rajiv isn't his name either), it could maybe, possible get back to ze boss. His real first name has the same root as mine, which is what made it even funnier.

(Actually, may not even be a guy - to me, the name is female, BUT some North Indians have names that I *distinctly* associate with the other gender. For example, my friend's mom is named Krishna. I'm assuming he's a guy because why would you choose a guy's name otherwise. Oooh...unless you're trying to deal with the whole "chicks know nothing about computers" thing. Aaaand...another example of me thinking too much.)

Email me if you want actual name (and then give me your opinion!)

(2) Re: my "lesson" - he(?) thanked me. I totally agree, AF, mad props to call center people - working customer support has to suck - like being a lawyer - no one calls you up b/c all is right with their world.

(3) As I said, I was very careful to make it clear that I wasn't saying his English was wrong...b/c I don't think that.

That, and it reminds me of this time I was dealing with a Swiss guy on the phone, and his English was pretty sub-par, so I switched to French. I used the French way of saying 80 (which is, admittedly, weird - you say "four twenties") and he MOCKED me (and LAUGHED), and explained the Swiss way (which I knew, but chose not to use). Whatever, dude!!

(3) "Sussudio." I can't tell you how many precious, precious hours I wasted last night trying to Google that song. I couldn't find it b/c I didn't know how to spell it. I thought the same thing, brimful, and it's stuck in my head too. Along with the title of the post.

Ah Elton John AND Phil Collins, it's going to be a good day.


eve said...

When I read "Superdesiname" I thought of some sort of super hero... I don't exactly know what he does, but he does make the world a nicer place! :)

Heather said...

You should have googled Phil Collins' discography instead. That's a quick way to find song names when you know who sung them.

brimful said...

One should, as a rule, never spend too much time Googling anything to do with Phil Collins. Just say the word, D. ;)

CM said...

SUPERDESINAME! Saving the world from... computer problems?

What's the Swiss way to say 80?

Peppermint Mocha said...

Subramanians in the hizzy. Mad props.


jm said...

Just so you know: I'm holding you responsible for my sudden urge to download Phil Collins and Genesis songs of iTunes. Ooh oh, gimme a chance, gimme a sign, sussudio!

maisnon said...

"octante" (i.e. soixante, septante, octante.)

As it turns out, "Sussudio" is a creepy song: an old guy obsessed with young girl. Can I get an "ick ick?"