Friday, July 29, 2005


Krusty, it's YOUR fault that someone reached my site because it comes up #4 on a google search for malayalam aunty pics.

Also, to my reader in Canada who googles "maisnon" every few days, presumably to find my site. Dude, you can remember maisnon - you can get here without google!


shell said...

The Canadian reader was 1/3 of the way there -- so close, yet so far.

CM said...

Um, WHY are people searching for aunty pics? Hopefully this isn't the same person looking for "malayalees in bras."

sharoncnumbers said...


So sorry. :-P

(p.s. This is I, the krustmeister)

maisnon said...

Yeah, I think it's the same person - someone has a fetish for Malayalee aunties, I take it.

At least, I hope it's one person - it's too creepy to think that there could be an entire mini-segment of the population frantically googling such things.

Also - how sad that their tastes are so timid...Malayalee BRAS!

Peppermint Patty said...

I confess...I just had to look you up using Google in Canada too! I am still relatively blog naive. You're bookmarked on my machine at home, but I'm IN CANADA.