Monday, July 04, 2005

Ms. Robinson

To the 15-year old who hit on me this weekend: Wow, you've got game. Of the two of us, you were the MUCH cooler customer. When I all-but-shrieked at you that I was twice your age, you didn't even bat an eye. (Okay, I didn't actually say that, but when he asked if I went to G'town, I responded very hastily that I had just graduated...FROM LAW SCHOOL!!) And, I'm sure that I looked absolutely horrified about the whole thing. (I have no poker face.)

You're ballsier than a lot of guys my age, and CLEARLY way cooler than me.


My friend Michelle has a formula: according to her, women can date guys who are between (x-2) and (x+10) years old.


CM said...

x-2 seems pretty restrictive. Shouldn't it depend on how old you are? (Like, if you're 35 dating a 30 year old is okay, but if you're 22 you should stick to dating 20 year olds and up?)

shell said...

Oh and what if you are btwn 25-30? What's good then?

Someone once commented that the male mentality operates as follows:

Reported Age - 7 yrs = age of maturity.

16(DMV age) - 7(const) = 9 (mental lvl)

Heather said...

Chickenmag - that's funny, because when I read 'x-2' I thought, yeah, and even that is pushing it; it really ought be 'x.'


Manish said...

More like .9x - 1.3 x.

maisnon said...

Hmm...I think I'm down with Manish's formula.

And, yes, I too thought it shouldn't be (x-2), but just x .

Of course, these are generalities, and there are many guys who break shell's (x-7) maturity level rule, BUT, I might argue that there aren't so many that the exception swallows the rule. ;)