Friday, July 01, 2005

NB: Puzzle Pieces

I chickened out of grading my MBE. I don't know why, but I just never got around to it. Luckily, BarBri did it for me ;) I checked my scores last night and had a few surprises. I'm really strong on Contracts (whaa??), did decently on Property (ditto), and....showing my ultra-liberal-pinko-commie side, I apparently don't believe in Crime. (This is balanced out by my "I went to a conservative law school, and therefore will not recognize individual rights" side.) Good to know, good to know. I did notice that in the areas within each subject that I paid special attention to (after StudySmart told me I didn't know jackshit about them), I did decently.

I'm getting over my PT anxiety by taking PTs and reminding myself to JUST WRITE and not to get bogged down. Essays are going a little better too. The big problem, essay and MBE-wise is that I don't actually know anything. I mean, I have a lot of flashcards, and checklists, but I do not actually KNOW them. I understand that the last 2 weeks will be powering up on this material, so I'm not worried.

My game plan:
  • PT: take a PT a week (so far, so good.) Review PT sample answers. Read and understand the intro to the PT book (a summary of Honigsberg's ramblings.) Be able to identify what skills are being tested on PTs and have a game plan for each.
  • Essays: PRACTICE, practice, practice. I need to commit the checklists to memory, but that will happen after classes end. I'm also coming up with common fact patterns within each area, and will make more targeted checklists during the "powering-up sessions." (Ex. Torts: (1) products liabilty - they whole family of theories, (2) intentional torts w/a side order of vicarious liability, (3)Invasion of privacy/defamation - another little family.)
  • MBE: review answers to sample MBE, and work on my weaker sub-areas. I'm trying not to get carried away with the MBE. I think this is an area of diminishing returns.

Although my results on the MBE were, um, less than stellar, I think they are were they need to be. I'm spending some time seeing how everything fits together and where I need to concentrate.


eve said...

Good plan! :)

Roonie said...

I guess I need to figure out what my action plan is from here. I agree with the MBE/diminishing returns thing. My friend took the February 2005 NY bar (he graduated early) and he keeps telling me, "It's all about the MBEs, it's all about the MBEs," but geeeeeez, I swear, in California it is NOT.

I'm glad you're calm about understanding that the last two weeks is when we're actually gonna start *knowing* things. Because I'm already panicking.

Where are you getting practice PTs? Online or in one of our 8,000 books?

My problem on essays is TIMING. Big time. I was working on my Civ Pro one tonight and the library was closing and I couldn't finish. Didn't matter. I'd passed up my hour limit fifteen minutes before closing time.

Ms. Charisma said...

You seem to have a healthy outlook on law. Refreshing.

I just found your blog from your comments somewhere else, and I really like it!