Saturday, July 02, 2005

Secret (Musical) Shame

It's been running around in my mind, and brimful's comment on my Boy Named Sue post prompted me. I have many, many secret shames - but in this episode, I will share secret musical shame - the songs I'm too embarassed to admit I actually like. In no particular order, they include:

  • "Baby, it's you" - JoJo (JOJO, for the love of all that's good!!! And worse...featuring L'il Bow Wow. Actually, I think he has gone the way of Rick Schroeder and Deborah Gibson and dropped the "L'il.")
  • "Toxic" - Britney Spears ( I know, trust me, I know.)
  • The entire works of Mr. Justin Timberlake

An entire category: disco. I'm a little defiant about this, actually. There are some disco songs that I can't get enough of, and others that make my ears bleed. Some of my favorites:

  • "Young Hearts, Run Free" - Candi Station
  • "Ring My Bell" - Anita Ward
  • "Got to Be Real" - Cheryl Lynn ...and... [ahem]
  • "I will Survive" - Gloria Gaynor

And I'm just getting started! I never know when a song will come on the radio, I will recognize that it is hideous, and yet...I won't change the station. (Most recent example, "I Want to Sex You Up" - Color me Badd. The horror! The horror!)



Man, reading through the comments, I realise I really skimped on my list. Please add:

  • Cher!
  • One song by Celine (this is especially bad since Saj and I call her A.B.C.E. - another bad Canadian Export)
  • Anastasia(sp?) I have never heard her on the radio, but they play her a lot at the gym.
  • Random '80s stuff
  • "Beautiful" - Christina Aguilera (as opposed to "Beautiful" - Pharrell and Snoop, which is one of my favorite songs - mmm....summer.) I don't care what you say, girlfriend can sing.


Amelie-Freak said...

Oooooo, this is just getting good and it has prompted me to think of my personal list of guilty pleasures. And don't knock disco - it's here to stay. :)

Eve said...

The real horror is when you're doing one of those Random iTunes Memes, and something reallllllyyy embarassing pops up. Anything by Hillary Duff comes to mind... not that I have ever had that problem, mind you... I've said too much! :P

Peppermint Mocha said...

ah ha! embarassing songs - I'm good at this game.

Let's just say three things:

1) I am thrilled the Backstreet Boys have made a come-back.
2) I hate Celine Dion, but secretly love two of her songs.
3) Sometimes I listen to Cher's greatest hits on repeat.

I was just listening to Cry Me a River, by J to the T...pure genius.


brimful said...

maisnon, you can ring my bell, any time, any time...

I was just talking to my brother yesterday, who has dubbed JT's "Rock Your Body" the song that you love to hate, and that you hate to admit that you love.

And speaking of guilty stupid pleasures, guess what I was listening to today on my way home, cranked to the highest decibel in my iPod? None other than Big Country. My entire music collection often seems one big secret shame!

shell said...

Added to the list:

"Moi, Lolita" by Alizee. I got so many ppl hooked on it, it's not even funny...

So if anyone wants to get hooked on it, check it out here. The entire album, Gourmandises, is strangely addictive (like sugary version of Britney, but in French..and oh..she can sing a whole lot better than Britney).

I think I've done enough damage for now. I'll take my leave now....

*nonchalantly seeking a backdoor exit*

my detritus said...

I was too embarassed to admit this earlier, but after hearing it at the gym today I decided Eminem's "Lose Yourself" is going to be my Bar anthem.

jm said...

Justin Timberlake is my guilty pleasure, and I'm always surprised by how many closet JT fans there are in the world.

Strangely, I have had a Brazilian Girls song stuck in my head the last few weeks...a song which is totally not my style. Title = Pussy. Chorus = pussy pussy pussy marijuana. I've slightly modified the words and now sing it to my cat - kitty kitty kitty Amelia. Lame, yes, but I can sleep at night without wondering how many times I said pussy in one day.

Manish said...

What? Disco went out of fashion? Nobody tells me these things ;)

Maitri said...

Blogtime Confessional:

I'll take Mrs. Federline's Toxic and Kylie Minogue's I Believe In You (yes, all the remixes, too!). Girl's gotta have something peppy-vacuous going through her ears when her heart rate's going through the gym roof.

My man refuses to forget the moment when I stupidly confessed that I "kinda like" Kelly Osbourne's new album, especially One Word and accompanying remixes. This is punishment enough.

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