Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Red Light/Green Light

I know it's been a few days since I've posted. Trust me, I've written enough for about 5 posts. But somehow, everything I write ends up scrapped. Instead, here is a post about the posts that didn't make it:
  • In light of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, I wrote a post detailing my experience with a natural disaster/living through a national emergency. I ended up thinking it just didn't feel right. Showing the width, breadth, and range of blogination, both Instapundit and Go Fug Yourself have great lists of charities if you'd like to make a donation.
  • Chicken Curry Girl (those who know, understand. As for the rest of you - this post may yet see the light of day.)
  • Advice on how to study for the Bar - this is another one that will eventually be posted. Sort of a reflection on what I did, what I would have done differently, and (ahem) what I may do differently if there is a second time.
  • With the move impending, I'm finding that I am making .... New Life Resolutions? Just... an internal/blogdraft list of things I want to do, try, keep in mind once I'm settled. I'm either very, very late with my New Year's Resolutions, or hella-early. ;)
  • More on my family - probably would have been funny, but seemed kind of mean when I re-read it (specifically, how I feel that we all try to be efficiency experts, i.e. we question why a family member chose to do something in a particular way. And we do that for every.little.thing.)

I think I'm in the quiet before the storm: I'm neither here nor there. The house isn't quite ready to go on the market, and probably won't be advertised until after I leave. I took Gia to the vet for her travel certification today. I'm not quite at the packing stage. I'm just at the "I wish I were doing something about the house or moving." I know things will suddenly take off on me, but there is a comfort in activity. It can be hard to sit still and listen to your pulse when your mind and body are coiling up and preparing to jump.

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brimful said...

Don't post on chicken curry, dude. It's not therapeutic, and it might just get everyone hungry!

In other news, there will be no second time. I can feel it, yo.