Thursday, October 27, 2005


My mental house is a variety store:

  • As always, it seems, I'm a day late: yesterday was Blog Quake Day . I take this opportunity to encourage you to contribute to the relief efforts in South Asia (the link contains on excellent organizations that would make good use of your donation.)
  • I had the most excellent dream the other night (umm...not like that), and I think I may be able to shape it into a short story. I've wistfully read others' mentions of National Novel Writing Month, knowing that I didn't have the time or the mental state to take that on. So, I will be having my very own, "party of one" Short Story Writing Month. If you're very, very good (and I'm very diligent) - I'll post it at the end of the month
  • What song do I have stuck in my head? That's right - the theme from the TV show Dallas. What's up with that? Seriously, it's all "dun duh, dun duh, dun duh dunna nah, duh DUNH na na nanana" right now. Not cool.
  • I'm going "away" this weekend ... to SF. How bizzah!Ms. Thang is en route as I type. Saturday, I intend to indulge in some retail therapy and then it's off to Dhamaal with Ms. Thang and ma chere brim. I'm staying in a hotel Sat. night (which is a leetle ridiculous, since I live less than 40 min away, but I don't want anything to get in the way of truly luxuriating in A and B's company.) Sunday's forecast calls for a spot of tea at the SM Blogger Meet-up in North Beach, and I think I have dinner pahtee plans. Mmmm...I'm going to be so deliciously tired Sunday night.

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brimful said...

I can't believe you just put the theme to Dallas in my head. Bi-atch! :)

Tomorrow night!! As my new motto goes: "Squee, b*tches!"