Monday, November 21, 2005

Shoes of Celebration

Today, I wear the shoes of celebration.

Like so much of my Bar experience, the post-results period has not gone as I planned. I thought that, come what may, I would be out on the town celebrating and/or anesthetizing. Not so. Post-results, I headed into the city to meet up with ma chere brim for a little soiree. What did I drink all night? That's right - water. I'm such a wild one.

The water consumption was probably a good thing, since our little group had to fend off the advances (and I do mean advances of a would-be Casanova.) Both la brim and I spotted him early on, and knew he'd be trouble.

I like FOBs, some of my best friends are FOBs - but there is nothing like a desperado brown on the loose. This guy tried to dance with/on every woman in our group, until out of desperation we all formed pretend pairs. Brimful offered to share a male friend with me, to which I said "F that - you're my girlfriend." As always, my timing was impeccable and I managed to catch a lull in the otherwise raging 80s dance music. So there - now you can be jealous, I had the indomitable brimful as my (fake) girlfriend, if only for an evening. Even after my pronouncement, the desperado grabbed at me ... TWICE. I don't do the grabbing. Ick.

When he headed towards the last woman standing in our group, she started dancing with a male friend. Desperado actually stamped his foot in annoyance - like a kid who's been caught out at "monkey in the middle" again. Dude - not a good look, just letting you know.

I spent most of Saturday lazing around the house, watching movies (new on the list of favorite movies: Girlfight. Troubled teen trains to be a boxer. The best part: her love interest is named Adrian.) I went to Berkeley (or as one sign posted on campus said, Berekeley) for the Beyond Borders event. I met up with the fabulous ads and proceeded to plaster the campus with directional signs as our part of the volunteer effort. (We may have been distracted by some Crepes-a-Go-Go as well.)

The show was interesting, if a little long (over four hours!! Thanggod for the interval.) As usual, I enjoyed the dance performances the most. There were some moments of true, unintended hilarity - but that's because I'm a snarktastic bitch.

Sunday, more lazing around. I suddenly decided I just had to see Walk the Line. This is how much of a rockstar my designated movie date is: when I called her, she had just driven back from LA - six hours - but she was still down for a movie! Rock on with your bad self, Roop!

The movie kicked much ass, and is even better if you enjoy Johnny Cash's music. Today, in homage, I am the Woman in Black (with Shoes of Celebration.)


Heather said...

Those shoes are hot! And I think every woman can relate to that story.

suitablegirl said...

this is so funny-- i just read Roop's review of WtL, i had no idea she had such a fabulous date!

good for you for volunteering at beyond borders. just one of the myriad reasons why you rock so hard. your passionate anti-grab stance is another. ;) oh, and i like the part where the guy stamps his foot. i would've lost my balance from laughing so hard at such retardery.

the next time i go somewhere, i shall wear shoes of celebration in hon. of you. we all should. you are a deepa esq now, and if that isn't a cause celebre, i don't know what is. ;)

brimful said...

The foot stomping shizz was the funniest thing I have seen in quite some time. Seriously.

Saheli said...


I have this delighful vision of you wooshing past a bar and then dancing on it with those magnficent shoes.

Excellent taste in girlfriends, btw.

ads said...

Yay for your snarktastic bitchery! (Even though it prevented me from making eye contact with you for most of Unintentionally Hilarious Tabla Guy's performance.)

I actually enjoyed the sitar duet, once I figured out that they were finished tuning up.

Fashion said...

My daughter celebrates every day when she bought caterpillar shoes....she loves that...great blog and nice pic..