Friday, December 30, 2005

55 Fiction Friday: Barfly Edition

Friday, on the East Coast.

The worst part, really, was the look in the bartender’s eye: seeing that he thought you were drunk and needed a little condescension. Worst, because you could not argue the first part, so you just had to accept the second. She shredded her coaster a little as a silent protest, and considered ordering another drink.


brimful said...

Grey Goose & Vodka, anyone? :)

Srini said...

Amen to that
New to this blog - but never to anything grey goose :)

Now if only they had a drink named after Maverick

Neel Mehta said...

Wait... Grey Goose IS vodka. Are you ordering a double or something?

maisnon said...

neel: No, I'm just a dork - brimful and I were out, and I was trying to order her a drink and kept saying Grey Goose & Vodka (seriously... I know I said it at least twice) before the bartender said "Um, Grey Goose is vodka." I think it all happened because 'vodka' and 'tonic' have two syllables, and because Grey Goose has excellent branding and has seared into my brain as vodka, and because, as I said, I'm a dork.

I've decided to transform "Grey Goose & Vodka" to mean 'a very strong drink.' ;)