Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I started reading blogs and blogging this year. Considering that it's been less than a year, I have met a LOT of bloggers. I started this post as a sorta chronological list of the peeps I've met, but then I thought, "Dude! Boring-est!"

So now, we will have a sort of running narrative about the circumstances under which I met all of these people, followed by an executive summary (in full-on bullet points!)

My first true interaction with the blogging world came at a South Asian Journalists Assoc'n event in NYC. I was supposed to ride up from DC with SJM, A N N A, and Prashant , but alas - it was not to be. Instead, I took the sometimes-sketchy Chinatown bus. SJM was the first person I recognized, and I soon found myself spilling drinks on the Vij and Turbanhead.

Anna and I went on to be fast friends. Through her (and the Mutiny), I met the Madness and Ennis on their respective trips to DC. Anna and I, of course, introduced our guests to Tryst and Amsterdam Falafel.

At this point, law school had finally (FINALLY!) ended and I was gearing up to study for the Bar. I started reading the blogs of people taking the California Bar. In particular, GG's blog introduced me to a lot of other blogs. How I met Heather: very possibly THE funniest thing, blog-related, to happen to me ever!!

Who sat next to me during the Bar exam? That's right - Holohan. Who did I "introduce" myself to (and by "introduce" I mean I told her my blog name and not my actual name)? That's right - GG. Who did I meet in line waiting for the elevator? Chai!

My biggest blog crush, brimful, drove me to the airport when I was flying home after the Bar. We'll always have San Mateo, la brim! Back in DC, Chai, Heather, the fabulous Roonie and I got together one afternoon for Greek food.

And now, for SF: I met my most recent mutineer, Vinod, on a rather bizarre night out, and he's become a fixture in what has turned into a series of "unique" nights out. Happy Shabu Shabu? It must mean that la brim and I are meeting ads and oodles! Did I mention that in all the craziness SJM moved to SF? Well, he did - and he introduced me to my DMD (designated movie date), Roopali. A couple of crazy kids and I met Peppermint Mocha for brunch (8:30 am, bitches!) when she was in town from LA.

I met two more Bar-bloggers, Eve-marie and JM, over the fabulous bread pudding at Tartine.

And last, but certainly not least, back in the D of C for the holidays, I met W to the T. Mmmm, garlic fries washed down with Soco & lime. Poor wt actually had to deal with spirit fingers (but he responded with jazz hands, so he's my boy.)

Who's next? Bring it!


Not-so-executive summary:


maisnon said...

Mmmyeah - I need to do a massive overhaul on the Blogination. Coming soon!

Heather said...

What a socialite you are! Just shows that blogging has become a lot more than some online diary thrown out into the ether.

And I had a giggle all over again about our unlikely encounter.

matt said...

Congratulations. You embody the Internet's promise of an open society.

maisnon said...

Dude, holohan, did you just call me easy??? ;)

shell said...

But wait -- how did you meet Roonie?

maisnon said...

shell: Roonie was in DC for fun and hijinks - so she met up with Heather, Chai and me.

brimful said...

They call her the wanderer, she roams around, around, around. :)

Roonie said...

What a year! I've only met you, Chai, Heather, and randomly (but luckily) Eve (she was the only chipper one after the bar exam - go figure!), but I am happy we did. I wish I could see y'all on a regular basis, but at least we have our blogs and IM and alla that. I love stories of "how we met," romantic or no, so this post really tripped my trigger ;)

oodles said...

Glad to have met you last year! I hope to have more "happy happy" times.