Tuesday, December 20, 2005


So. The answers I had in mind to yesterday's quiz are:

(1) albeit - This word has always been funny to me so I've never actually written it into anything. Everytime I've tried, I've replaced it with "although." I've said it maybe twice, and started smirking both times. "al-BE-it" It's a ridicular little word, isn't it?

(2) supped - good on ya, Roonie and wt! I could get behind "dined", and I've probably used that word. But supped? It makes me feel all Austen-esque, corset and all.

(3) hare-brained - the joy of homonyms. I think "hare? hair?" and then I imagine someone with hair for brains, and then the Southernism "dumber than a bag of hair."

Some of the answers given were really solid:

Yummy: In The Frog King, a book I really enjoyed, one of the characters complains that the word delicious should never be used in reference to anything but food.

Purrfect: I can see your point here, but I am a cat lover - and a believer in trying to capture the onomatopoeia of words by spelling them out the way I want them said in your head.

Acerbic: Mmm, yes - this word gets a little funny if you roll it around in your mouth a few times.

And, now for the musical segment:

Kinks - I used the word "kinky" and the word "kinks" in the same post - that is weird.

Sweet - "It could be sweet" - Portishead.

Banshees - An Irish messenger of death - I'd for sure use that in a post to describe some Marina chiquitas.


Sapna said...

Supped/Supper: This one conjures strong visions for me too, but not bad ones. I've always felt that fairies, elves, giants, and all manner of fantastical characters have "supper"! What Goldilocks ate was the Bear family's supper. What the intrepid young hero/ine found waiting in the empty castle was a mysterious table laden with supper...

You get the picture. Along with the fact that I have an overactive imagination. Even so, I've always wanted "supper" but never ever had it.

maisnon said...

Ooooh, good one, Sapner. This is that whole British/American/Southern thing with dinner and supper.

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

I WAS GONNA SAY HARE-BRAINED! But then I decided, nah. DAMN-O.

Albeit is one of my favorite words! I have figured out to use it in regular speech (as opposed to written word), too. It makes me feel so effing smart. That's why I like it.