Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend of Gyllenhaal

Proof of my constancy to the family Gyllenhaal: I recently partook of Moonlight Mile, Secretary, and - just yesterday - Brokeback Mountain. All three movies are yummy, albeit in incredibly different ways.

Friday, I had a date with the ever-fantastic brimful. We supped at the new Garçon. My mini review: great decor and ambience (minus the cackling banshees at the Bar - but that's not the establishment's fault), my drink was - to put it kindly - "not so much", and the food was a little ... uneven. I'll definitely check it out again, it may just need to "settle in."

At the restaurant, I ran my latest hare-brained scheme past my dinner companion: I want to make business cards for nights on the town. I don't mean that the cards would have my contact information (perish the thought!) They would have, um, acerbic observations. For example, for the loud-ass filles at the bar: "No one is impressed with you." I truly dislike people who seem to be playing to an invisible audience.

La brim then took me to her favorite coffee joint, Ritual. I have had long-standing, healthy relationships with coffee shops, and I can see the draw here. Great lighting, plenty of seating, free wireless - it has all the elements. It did, however, produce another card: "Ironic mullet? Not ironic enough."

Saturday I spent hanging out with the Best Friend and watching movies. Mmm....purrfect. Sunday was the big meetup at the Embarcadero Center Cinema. The rest of my team: brimful, SJM, Roop, and ads. Seriously, how sweet is that? As if you weren't already jealous - B baked us holiday treats (which turned into the most awesomest movie snacks evah!) After the movie, we hit the oh-so-hot Dosa - SF's newest addition to the South Indian cuisine scene. Like Garçon, Dosa has a few kinks to work out: dishes didn't come out at the same time, a drink order was flat-out forgotten, etc. But, they make a mean dosa - so all is forgiven. The evening closed out with a visit to Ti Couz. Mmm....Nutella crepes.

Good food, great company, and the oeuvres of the family Gyllenhaal - a fabulous weekend indeed.


Bonus: What three words in this post do I never use, but put in because I find them amusing?


Roonie said...

Yummy, flat-out, and awesomest? Or supped. Or evah.

maisnon said...

Roonie: 1 out of 5. :)

Heather said...

you're not going to tell us which one?

1) awesomest
2) purrfect
3) mullet? i hope it's mullet.

maisnon said...

Heather: 0 out of 3. Dude, I'll call a mullet a mullet - although, cruel hairdressers aside, I'll never, ever have one.

Did anyone play Mastermind when they were little?

wt said...

I played mastermind. But it was a computer version, not a real life board game.

1. Supped
2. kinks
3. sweet

My pride hangs in the balance here. Maybe you could post the answers tomorrow to satisfy my curiosity.

maisnon said...

wt: 1 out of 3.

Do you see where the Mastermind reference came in now? ;)

And, an excellent suggestion, I will post the answers tomorrow.

brimful said...

I have no idea on the 3 words, and I spent half the weekend with you! But, I just wanted to point out that the vodka gimlet I had at Garcon rocked... so as long as you stay awake from rum-based drinks there, you will probably be okay!

Also, I second everything you said about Dosa. ;)

You forgot to mention one thing about Ritual- they played all of Thriller, yo!

Roonie said...

So one is definitely supped. Unless my deduction skills are on strike.

I'm gonna guess more. I know that I guessed over my limit the first time, but so. Don't care.

1. acerbic
2. banshees

Those are my final answers. Until you tell me I'm wrong, anyways.

G. said...

OMG, if you really started handing out cards that said, "No one is impressed with you," you would SO be my hero!!!!!!!!!

maisnon said...

brim: How could I forget that?? Or the look on your face when I threatened to try to moonwalk?

resipsacrap said...

I used to play Mastermind all the time when I was 4-5 and then, abruptly, stopped. I loved it!