Thursday, January 05, 2006


I have such a fear of singing. I'd say it approaches phobic levels. I'm not even entirely sure why it is this bad. In part, I'd like to thank my mother. (I program your buttons the better to push them later in life, my dear.) The fifth grade episode: we were doing a musical in school, and I was excited about trying out for a part. My ever-supportive mom told me, "It won't work, they don't like our type of voices." It took me a long, long time to figure out what she was talking about. Also, break me a fucking give! Like if you're desi, you come out warbling carnatically. To quote Tupac, I ain't mad at her...but, seriously - where is the logic?

She hasn't stopped either. Recently, I told her that I downloaded Lata Mangeshkar's Thoda Resham Lagta Hai. When I told her I would burn her a copy, she said she wasn't sure she was familiar with the song. I offered to sing it for her (both of us knew I was NOT serious), and she replied "NO NEED! NO NEED!" Oooh - dissed, by my own MOM! I really need to stop sharing this story with my friends because now "no need, no need" is the favored IM to me.



niki said...

my dad is EXACTLY the same way. Teases me everytime I sing, yet wanted me to join the church choir when he was the leader. HA!

suitablegirl said...

poor deeeee. just because you don't sound like a minor-scale treading 11-year old boy with his nuts being twisted off, that doesn't mean you can't sing. altos need love, too.

"i think this one is about krishna!"
"did she just say eye?! five eyes?"
"i really feel like these songs would benefit from some 'MMMMM'."

Anu said...

I have been told by all my family members to stop singing in the shower or anywhere around them.

I have been scarred for life, I don't even sing in the car anymore. I can't play antakshari anymore. So i am trying to master the art of lipsynching.

andrea said...

i think that everyone can sing if they have a good enough teacher. That said, one of the voices I miss the most is that of my friend in Seattle - she can't carry a tune, but singing certain songs by myself in the car just doesn't work. :( It's not about if you sing like a birdie or a toad... music, in the end, is all about love :)

And a hearty second to that "altos need love too!" I sometimes wish I was still one.

How many altos does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to change it, and the other to stand there and say, "isn't that a little high for you?" :P

brimful said...

That's it, we're going to one of those private karaoke studios in Japantown, yo.

p.s. I love quoting "I ain't mad atcha"

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

MAMABEAR! What was she thinking? What about Aishwarya Rai? She sings nicely. My friend Archena is a damn good singer and she's Desi all the way, baybay. Maisnon, you need to just get yourself to a private booth in a Japanese restaurant and go hog wild with your friends at karaoke. That's it. No more questions.

maisnon said...

anu: Oh, I do sing in the car - in fact, it's the only place I really sing. I've even gotten a little sloppy and sung a few times when someone else was in the car. Crazy, eh?

andrea: I've considered taking voice lessons as a form of aversion therapy to break the phobia. Just thinking about it makes me a little white-knuckled.

Srini said...

Well - you can always use the threat of you singing to get what you want - like I do :)
j/k - I'm sure you are fine.

There are no bad singers - just unappreciative audiences:)