Tuesday, January 03, 2006

You say you want a revolution

So. I've flipped and flopped on the topic of posting resolutions. I definitely have ideas as to what I want to work on and do this year. In part, my reticence stems from a recent realization: I used to keep a journal, and my blog is not a good substitute for that. I thought that because I write a post every few days (on par with my journaling) that I was filling that niche. But, that's not really accurate - there are things - particularly, emotions and more personal matters - that I don't address on my blog. Sometimes they involve people that I know read the blog. Sometimes I'm just weirded out by the idea of hashing things out in front of the Internets.

Thus, some of my resolutions will be recorded here, and some will not. My first resolution is to start keeping an actual "KEEP OUT"-style journal again. Next, I'd like to get back to taking photos - I may buy a smaller camera so I am better about taking it around with me. If I get truly crazy with the Cheez Whiz, I'll take a digital photography class. (Although that's half the fun of digital - i.e. the learning curve that comes from instant feedback on "what happens when I do this?")

Number 3: Throughout my 3L year, I wanted to help organize a bone marrow drive targeted at signing up more minorities, and in particular South Asians. I've approached SJM about working on this with me, and I've found a couple of organizations that should be helpful. (SAMAR and AADP.)

I think those are the resolutions that I feel like writing about. I have some more ideas floating around - I haven't actually taken pen to paper to make a list, there's still kind of percolating. I've considered focusing on one resolution a month, or keeping a working list of 5 (and adding a new one if I feel I've completed one on the List 'O Five.) Me thinking too much about resolutions? Quel shocker! I'll probably, as always, just talk about them when they come up.


Heather said...

I had no idea "internets" was in wikipedia. I think Bush supplied one of my biggest laughs of 2004 with that statement; I certainly didn't hear what he said for the next full minute.

I think your list is good (and a good start, if you plan to expand). A Keep Out journal is always a good idea, one I've toyed with myself. Let us know how they work out for you!

brimful said...

I went through the same thing as you, maisnon, and re-started keeping my own journal about a year ago. Sometimes, I'll draw on some of that for blogging, but it's more purely my space, if you will.

Let me know if you need another hand with the Bone Marrow drive!

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

I have truly neglected my personal journal since I decided to blog. I have this blog, but of course, I can't write, "That bitch Jessica made me feel like this," because, well, Jessica probably reads my blog (I've got no beef with her, just using her as an example). I find that I like my writing style better when I hit that "publish" button, but sometimes, I just need to embarrass myself for the sake of myself. Besides, I've got this beautiful leather journal that is just aching for ink ;) I've written them my whole life, and sometimes, I just want to take down the blogs and forget about all of that. But blogging is so social and so immediate sometimes - how could I totally give that up?