Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Where was I? Ah yes, continuing my adventures during my week back in D.C. I tried to stick to California time while I was at home (translation: getting up late, and staying up super late.) I could tell that my dad wanted to say something about my late mornings, but what can you really tell your vacationing 30 year-old daughter?

On Thursday, I headed into the city to Straits of Malaya, to have dinner with Sapna. I'm crazy about Malaysian food, I think it is the best in the world - and why wouldn't it be? It's a melange of Chinese, Indian, and Malay-style (i.e. kinda like Indonesian/Thai) cooking. So, so many Malaysian/Singaporean restaurants have the word "Straits" in their name. The food was authentic and made me happy. I would have been happier still if they served roti channai. Finally, we headed to Silver Diner near our (former) law school where I partook in - what else - bread pudding.

Friday, I headed to the Morgue (i.e. Adams Morgan) with Anna for 'our usual' - Tryst, Amsterdam Falafel. One of my favorite moments occured even before the frites: an SUV driver tried to get me to make his life easier by repeatedly insisting that I park on a giant bank of slippery leaves. Not so much, thanks - and I didn't need the hand gestures and angry words. Happy New Year to you too, buddy.

After dropping Anna home, I headed over to my old neck of the woods to see a friend and my goddog. Yes, that's right - when this friend adopted a dog, she called and asked me if I would be willing to be its godmother. This is the same friend who closed our phone conversation setting up this date with "oh yeah, um, I'll be sending out an email, but I wanted you to know - Mike and I are getting married." Yup, that gave me pause. After plenty of treats and petting, friend and I headed to an old haunt: Thai Shirlington. Even though I was in my old stomping grounds, I never went by my old place. I think that I am at peace with the fact that I sold it, and I don't live there anymore, etc. - but I don't really feel like testing to see what it would feel like to see someone else coming out the front door, or checking my old mailbox.

For New Year's Eve, I went to another friend's cozy new condo in Mt. Pleasant. Her parents flew in from St. Louis to check that 'ish out. So, it was a bunch of old friends and a set of very cool desi parents. (Would my dad ever talk about how when he first came to this country, they just passed the bottle of scotch around, no cups? I mean, what is there? Yeah, not bloody likely.)

My last day in town, I went to 4 Sisters with los parentals and LB #1. I'd say that is my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in the U.S. (I have a favorite in Canada.) The airport was hell, and the flight wasn't much better. There's no way to make this interesting, so I just won't get into it.

Let's just say - I'm glad to be back.


badmash said...

Just curious - which one is your favourite Vietnamese place in Canada? :)

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

But DC is love! It missed you. I have no idea what it's like to be from a cool city. I'm from Ohio.

maisnon said...

badmash - a little joint called Mekong in Kingston, Ontario. Mmmm....Mekong. I lived about a block away and went there at least once a week.

saucy - DC is awesome, but it is less awesome when you are staying with your parents and your mom gets out of bed at 2:30 am when you get home to "make sure you closed the garage door properly." ;)

Chai said...

HAHAH! Nice, mom. All moms are the same, I swear.

Wish I was in town for you, but of course, our paths crossed on Delta airs.

I have a godfather and godmother for Chandi and a godmother. Love it. Glad other people do it too..with their pets.

badmash said...

Hmm, will look out for it if I visit. If you ever visit Cowtown, look for the tiny Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine joint in Chinatown where they make the most legendary vietnamese subs in western Canada.

Saucy Lil' Tart said...

Geez oh pete's. Mama Maisnon is not treating her daughter like the grown-up that she is - and has probably been for awhile, I'm guessing.


I am jealous of you for (a) going to Tryst and (b) being such an awesome food photographer. What gives! You and Heather need to teach me some stuff.

maisnon said...

saucy: It's all about (1) turning off the flash [usually], and (2) using the macro button/setting :) [it's usually marked as a flower/tulip looking thing]