Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The bus station in my head

When Roop called me Friday night from the city, I told her not to be jealous of my adventures in Target. She told me she'd read some article about how Target was the hot new place to meet people. Um, I was cruising the aisles, but not cruising the aisles - if you know what I'm saying.

Saturday, it was time to be "down with the brown." I met up with ads, brimful, and oodles (plus assorted nonblogging friends) at Pakwan. (A, B, O - blood types! This is the kind of random thought I have pretty much every waking moment.) Then, off to the Masonic Center for Dhol di Awaz 8! Poor, poor nonblogging friend who sat next to me. I was all the time pestering her with the questions. "What are they saying? What's up with the rats on sticks???" Actually, we never did answer that one. So far, 5 Punjabis have been consulted - if you know, please drop me a comment.

The show was fantastic, but I also enjoyed flipping through the program. Dude, guys - what are you thinking when you name yourself "Knightz" or anything with the word "lethal"? One crew had filim style pics of the members. Nonblogging friend and I zeroed in on a pic of a guy who spends more time on his eyebrows than I do. As NBF said, "That's the look I go for when I get my brows done - I tell them, 'Make me look bitchy!'" Priceless. When he was on stage, I yelled, "Go [name of Brows]! Go [name of Brows]!" Then, I realized his mom was probably sitting behind me and I shut the hell up.

Then, it was off to Lingba to meet SJM and a visiting friend. Note to self: if a drink is called a bowl of monkeys, it's not for you. Don't be fooled by the comically long straws!!

ignominious - finding out that the actual meaning of "double battery, single power" is someone who wears glasses, i.e. that you, in fact, are double battery single power.

Lingba is where I realized that dancing for me is what alcohol is to other people - it lowers my inhibitions to the point where the next day I end up saying to myself, "WHAT were you thinking?" Somewhat against its will, I turned Lingba into a dance party. As the vaguely creepy guy at the bar told me, I did a "fucking good job of hopping around."

The rest of the long weekend is another post.

I have promised Chai and other people taking the Bar today that I will channel brain waves in their direction. So, don't expect much in the way of posting and/or wittiness for the next 2-3 days.


oodles said...

What was in that bowl of monkeys??! I believe I asked NBF that exact question the next day.

maisnon said...

From the website:
LINGBA (ling·ba (leeng-bah) n. -Thai for crazy monkey

Well. That explains so much. I think the drink had rum in it? I remember that much. And pineapple juice? And, of course, small plastic animals.

ads: any ideas?

ads said...

I think the menu said that the "bowl of monkeys" includes two types of rum, amaretto, and pineapple juice. and fire. and a dance party.

roop said...

for the life of me i forget where i read it, but yeah man, target and trader joes. that's the last time i go grocery shopping in my sweats.

brimful said...

roop - you should try the Marina Safeway if you are really looking for a pick-up joint experience while shopping. :)

Also, don't forget the earring accessories that come with the bowl of monkeys. Y'all are nuts!

Chai said...

Thank you maisnon! It is done and I am done until July! =)

Your energy was felt. Thank you for the support and love over the past 3.5 months.

Roonie said...

You and I both know I wouldn't have made it through without you! BIG HUGS AND KISSIES!