Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Mmmm.....wordcloudlicious. If you were going to simmer your blog down to a delectable "word reduction", what would it look like? Check it out at SnapShirts (H/t to Love&Haterade, a blog I have started mad sweatin' recently.)

I love this. The words make me ... happy. But it also makes me want to write stories of one-armed pirates with halitosis. I'm just sayin'!


Chick Pea said...

awesome find maison.. thanks.. am doing that thing right now.. let's see what pops up :)

enjoy your blog,
the bean

Heather said...

that wordcloud thing is mad cool.

brimful said...

I lurve it!

Roopali said...

this is HOT. uh, it is bad that one of my key words is "ass"?

maisnon said...

roopali: Uh, one of my words is objectionable??? What's up with THAT?