Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hindsight: 20/20

These are the tunes that no one tracked down:

(1) Take me to heart, and nobody can make me do wrong
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - Aretha Franklin. Soul was the music of my childhood and adolescence. (See also, number 11.)

(5) I can't hold this day any more
Over - Portishead. I'm a huge, huge Portishead fan.

(9) Love - I see you there, adrift on the air
Open Window - Sarah Harmer (A fellow Queen's alumna!).

(11) Sit back down and talk to me about how you want to be
You Ought to be With Me - The Reverend Al Green.

(12) I told you how I feel, but you don't care
Sleep to Dream - Fiona Apple. I'm surprised no one guessed this one, but maybe the lyric is obscure, or generic-sounding.

(14) I'd say love was a magical thing, I'd say love would keep us from pain - had I been there
A Different Corner - George Michael. Love him, ain't ashamed.

(15) You're my love, you're my sweetest thing
Ooh Aah ... Just a Little Bit - Gina G. How embarassing is this? Even worse - it's off of an MTV CD! (The Grind, Vol. 1)


brimful said...

I love #12, but somehow I didn't hear it when reading that first line, if that makes any sense. :)

Roonie said...

It's about time I get into Portishead now, per your rec!

thebarmaid said...

ooh aah just a little bit, ooh aah a little bit more is the best song ever. hold your head up high!!!