Sunday, April 22, 2007


Actual phone conversation:

maisnon: So, Mom... how tall are you?
mom: Um, 5 feet.
maisnon: without shoes?
mom: --
maisnon: I heard today that if you're 4'10 or under, that you're legally a midget.*
mom: --
maisnon: That's the second time someone's told me that.
mom: MAAAAAYBE I'm legally a midget ...

* - I have no idea what "legally a midget" might mean.


matt said...

I had a friend in high school who was 4'10", and I seem to remember her telling me that you need to be *under* 4'10" to be legally a midget.

I think the main ramification (again, coming from her) is that you can get a handicapped parking permit. Perhaps midgetism counts as a disability?

Anonymous said...

I think it means you cannot get on some rides. :)

A lurker.

maisnon said...

matt: Sadly, I thought of that! And considered googling to see what I could find. Is there a word for a Google/Wikipedia geek? There should be.

anon: I can't imagine my maman on any of the rides with a height requirement! And also - which lurker are you? MIT? Illinois? WashingtonInstitute? I have a few :)

tamasha said...

Enh. Stop hatin' Tall-Girl.


maisnon said...

tamasha: I KNOW! I considered somehow working my height into the post, but decided that would be obnoxious. (As opposed to, referencing it in a comment ;) )

roonie said...

I'm 4'11", and that pretty much just means that I am made fun of for my height on a regular basis.