Friday, May 12, 2006

55 Fiction Friday: Nonfat latte edition

Friday needs caffeine.

What a terrific smile! Their kids wouldn’t need braces. And he’d remember that she preferred lilies, not roses, when he surprised her for “no reason at all.” She’d learn to make red sauce to rival his mother’s. “Tall macchiato extra-hot.” With that Mr. Thoughtful aimed his perfect smile at the barrista, turned, and was gone.

1 comment:

Roonie said...

Ah, you didn't waste any time hopping on this Friday's edition - only 31 minutes! And I am guessing you spent a part of those minutes typing this. So, in essence, you wasted almost zero minutes hopping to our favorite Friday ritual!

Lily v. rose. I prefer the lily, too. I have a bear named Lilly. I think I may name my next animal that. Or Lila. So that my bear and my next animal don't get confused.