Monday, May 08, 2006

Drop it Like it's Hawt

maisnon17: i'm still not totally clear on what your job entails
MattC: hearings, gang taskforce meeting, and traveling with the AG
MattC: my life is consumed by gangs. which is cool, because i have an even BETTER insight into rap lyrics!!!

maisnon17: HA HA HA!
maisnon17: hmmm...i have to say, knowing more about fiber optic networks.... doesn't help decode the lyrics

MattC: don't worry, i'll share my gang textbooks with you
MattC: i actually had to use the "blue flag hanging out the left side, yeah that's the crip side" in a community presentation the other week

maisnon17: HA HA HA HA HA
MattC: i felt like i was betraying snoop and pharrell


Roonie said...

Sounds interesting to me, man!

Chai said...

when does pharrell say it?