Thursday, May 04, 2006

Haiku Movie Review

Thank You for Smoking

Quick, black comedy
DC lobbying done “right”
Katie Holmes – why? WHY?

The Inside Man

Clive Owen hidden
That’s a travesty, I say
But – you GO, Spike Lee

Out of Africa

Michael Ondaatje:
You stole scenes from this film for
The English Patient
(1) See here for previous haiku movie review.
(2) Ondaatje is a fellow Queen's alum.
(3) The Katie Holmes (I mean... Kate Cruise) article is much more extensively footnoted than you'd expect!


Roonie said...

(1) I love that the majority of the intro for the Katie article was basically being like, "she's pretty, but she sucks." Sums it up right there.

(2) Being that I am from Toledo, I can definitely attest that the town ain't proud of her in the least!

(3) I was at the parade where she was a Marshal. I was actually volunteering. I don't remember record turnouts. Furthermore, I don't think Katie was ever a cheerleader. She was a drama nerd.

(4) Katie's brother Martin Jr. is an attorney in Toledo. Do you have national attorney directories with photos? We had a local one when I was working in a law firm in Toledo. He's yum.

But this wasn't a post about Katie, now was it, Roonie?

P.S. - I called you last night! Where will you be this weekend, miss?

brimful said...

Out of Africa kicks English Patient's a$$, and I am not even much of a fan of Robert Redford's work. Although, I contend that English Patient also stole some scenes from Lawrence of Arabia. Damn you, Minghella!!

Also, Clive Owen= yummy, and your haiku movie reviews= pure genius. :)