Friday, July 07, 2006

55 Fiction Friday: Cosmo edition

Friday reads trashy "women's" mags, but will never admit it.

Thumbing through the magazine, she found the pattern: page 11- “Being Single is Fabulous”, page 15 - “Snag the Hottie of Your Dreams”, page 35 - “Improve your Body Image!”, page 72 - “10 Get Fit Quick Tips.” She flipped it closed in disgust – they really were trying to drive her crazy. At $5.99 an issue, no less.

1 comment:

Roonie said...

Seriously, what kind of message does that sort of layout send? "Singletons, read no further!" "If you're not happy being single, read on!" "If you're not happy being single and you can't 'snag the hottie of your dreams,' it must be the way you look!" "Can't improve your body image fast enough? TRY STARVATION - it's a quick fix!"


And why are magazines so much these days, anyway? I like reading Jane and For Me. Both under $2. My kind of mag.