Friday, July 21, 2006

55 Fiction "Friday": I hate Mondays edition

Friday gets it twisted.

Shit! Shit! Shit! One brown shoe and one black shoe. She glanced at the clock again, and it still wasn’t on her side. Hair combed, teeth brushed, deodorant and perfume sprayed on. Cursory makeup applied. Purse? Keys? Cellphone? Locking the door, she felt a breeze and looked down to discover a distinct lack of pants.


Roonie said...


I would so do that. I have definitely left important, um, unmentionables off my body when in hurried situations. Yay. Hee hee.

maisnon said...

This is "fiction", not fiction. Translation: I have done this! Once in college, in a state of extreme sleep-deprivation, I left my dorm room without the benefit of pants. Thankfully, there was a window right outside my door, so I very quickly discovered my error!

Roonie said...

Hee hee.