Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thinking Cap

The most tumultuous week of my life: quit my job (with nothing else lined up), adopted a cat, broke up with a friend, sent an "it's not me, it's you" email, and decided to take the LSAT. (I can't really say "decided to go to law school" because I wasn't that committed yet - I was sort of dipping my toe into the water.)

A few months later, I applied to law schools. I applied using the Interweb at a friend's house (the better to use her laser printer, more reliable internet connection, etc.) I remember clicking 'submit' and coming upstairs to announce, "I just applied to law school!!!" Her incongruous response was "What happened to your face??"

I rushed to the bathroom. Somehow, in the process (really, because of the process) of submitting my applications, the left half of my face had broken out into hives. To my knowledge, I'd never had hives before (or since.)


Recently, I had an experience which mirrored the above. I was online, submitting information - committing to a decision I wasn't 100% sure about. I found myself alternately pressing the palms and the backs of my hands against my cheeks in an attempt to calm myself (or perhaps to prevent hive formation?) It ended up being anticlimactic, the website wouldn't take my information and I had to call it in and deal with a real live person (sadly, not from the motherland.) Chatting with her and relaying my information turned out to be less nerve-wracking.

End result: I have tickets to go to India in December for my girl's wedding! Three weeks in South India, how you like me now??


Roonie said...

Dude, rock on.

Time for me to do something about it now.

cookiemonsta said...

woah.. you are going to Chai's wedding!! wow :) go you.. take lotsa pics... and eat a masala dosa for me from S.India.. aaaahhh i am craving that among lotsa other things!

Chai said...

woot woot!!!!! :)

sweet, now i can post about it. i didn't want to steal your thunder.

Heather said...

woo!! I can't wait! I had pretty much the same reaction when buying my ticket - I was in a chat room with chai and fayza and only their company kept me from completely freaking out. I can't wait to hang in Bangalore!

Roonie said...

Don't worry, I'm bringing up the rear! I'm working on it...I've got Ani and her hubby hooking me up with a travel agent that his parents work with all the time. I'm coming, I'm coming, never fear!