Thursday, August 10, 2006

Notes to Self

Notes to self:

  • Do not start watching “Lost” a week before flying to a foreign country. (Mmm...Netflix.)
    Related: one week till Costa Rica, bitches!
    Related: when you get back, Chai will (nearly) be here!
  • Why/How have you read the lion’s share of the Oprah’s book club books (without even trying)?
  • Loved “Little Miss Sunshine” - I don’t know how they did it, but a sight gag which should have been old after the first run through was HILARIOUS every.single.time.
    Related: oddly attracted to Steve Carell as a gay Proust scholar. What does that say about you?


oodles said...

It's Costa Rica time already?!

Also, I heard "Little Miss Sunshine" was a great movie (well, n=1). I may have to go see it with your thumbs up and my roommate's thumbs up. :)

Sapna said...

Re Carell: It's his eyebrows...