Monday, September 11, 2006

Every Day is Like Sunday

I go to the public library on a nearly weekly basis. There's just something about touching all those books that makes me happy, and excited. Heading in there on Wednesday, the homeless guy in his usual spot outside the library called me over. And asked me about my trip. What was nice was feeling connected, like I live here. (That I should get that feeling from a homeless guy is a tidy piece of irony.)

On Saturday, I headed into the city to check out the Asian Art Museum, meet up with some peeps, etc. etc. Somewhere along 16th St., I received a text message from a coworker indicating that she had just seen me walk by. This is the second time that I've run into her randomly somewhere in SF. (Also important, I don't live in the city .... yet.) San Francisco is the biggest small town, or the smallest city.

The evening ended with me picking up my car at a parking garage in the Mission. When the parking attendant arrived, I mumbled to brimful that he was my friend. Imagine my surprise when he said "Oh! It's you, my friend. Long time no see!"

A year ago this week, I moved to San Francisco. In some ways, I'm still just visiting, but in other ways - I truly live here. I love San Francisco, and some days - I think it loves me back.


Roonie said...

Now there's a feeling you never get in LA!

roop said...

lol, you really do run into your co-workers all over s.f. -- and you're not even living there yet! knowing the valet is alright, and even the homeless guy doesn't make me too nervous, but if those crackheads in the tenderloin start hollering at you, i'd start worrying just a little ;)