Wednesday, September 13, 2006


  • It's not every day that a friend uses the "I may be stickfighting" excuse (*ahem*, SJM!)
  • I'm trying to be more of a tourist in SF. I thought I would do tourist stuff when my friends came to visit me, but so far - not so much on the visit front. I've never been to Alcatraz I've never ridden a cable car.
  • On that note, last weekend, I headed to the Asian Art Museum. Summary statement: Asian people! Enough with the pottery already!
  • My friend balance sheet needs improvement - not because of break-ups, but because of (impending) moves. So, I'm on a mission to be more social. Look out, I'm strapping on my butterfly wings!
  • On that note, I think I will start blogging about my weekends again - it keeps me adventurous.
  • After traveling, and meeting people who are doing some extended voyaging, I am less gung-ho about saddling myself with a mortgage.
  • One of my extended-voyaging friends (a native Spanish speaker) sent me my favorite sentence in email ever. After telling me all about his future travel plans, he ended with "and after that I don't know how my life will be." Word.
  • I saw a papaya in Trader Joe's and nearly cried - it looked so small and tasteless in comparison to the ones I had in Costa Rica. It was like Papaya Lite. So wrong!
  • The Costa Rica pictures are up on flickr .... with captions!


matt said...


1. People who actually live in the Bay Area don't ride cable cars or go to Alcatraz. Just hang out at Fisherman's Wharf if you're feeling touristy. There are sea lions there.

2. Pottery was very important to the people of Asia. It's where they kept their things.

3. I work in San Francisco now, so if you're looking to be more social in SF I'm game.

Heather said...

I'll bite the geek pie and say I actually enjoyed Alcatraz. Of course I was a tourist, but still, it's so old and decaying, with vines growing over everything. And you can practically feel the presence of all the prisoners. It's totally worth half a day, since you're there anyway.

Also, yay art museums!

I'm all over those CR flickr pictures when I get a chance. Make myself nice and jealous.

oodles said...

I've lived in SF for more than 4 years and still have not been on a cable car! But, I have been to Alcatraz.

Roonie said...

I've never been to Alcatraz. But Rolando just went and he loved it.

I am a proponent of more Maisnon weekend blogging. Just saying ;)

badmash said...

Heyyy Maisnon! Been keeping up with your adventures even if not commenting.

Lurved the CR travelogue! Will go check out the pics now.

Ummm, I know that this is something that people tell other people they know IRL, but (if you'll excuse me) - dude has it been a year in SF already? I still remember when you were moving :)

maisnon said...

I've heard a number of people say they liked Alcatraz. You just watch, I'll be one some kind of double-decker, super-cheesed out, Grey Line tour of SF before you know it!

badmash: I know, right?? I can NOT believe it's been a year! The cliche is true - time flies when you're having fun!