Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Red, Red Wine

Weekend update:

Friday, more "me me me" time - I spent forever trying to pick a color for my pedicure. When I picked up a bottle and it turned out to be "Don't Wine, Yukon Do It," I took it as a sign. My feet look awesome and inspirational.

Saturday, I headed to Campbell to hang out with the Best Friend. We had dim sum - life is good. And, um, we may have hit DSW somewhere along the way. And the cutest pair of skimmers may have followed me home. Can I keep 'em? I headed home and prepared to hit TheMall with the queen of sassafras, brimful. Summary statement: Dhamaal is always good for some people watchin'. I tried to coin a term to describe "white person trying to bust the desi moves." I came up with "widget", but I think it needs work. There's a definite need for such a term.

Sunday, back to the city for open houses. At some point along the way, someone hit my car. Not so cool, but not so bad either. Mostly, I'm annoyed because I need to get it fixed pronto as my parents will be here in two weeks.

Oh, heh heh. Did I forget to mention that little stress-bomb? My parents are coming to visit. And they are staying with me. For four days. I am excited to see them, but also stressed because .... well, because they are my parents and they are staying with me for four days (it bears repeating.)


CM said...

Those are cute shoes.

Urgh, the parents. I feel the same way... love them, but whenever they come visit I feel really stressed. I feel like I have to be in perfect shape, and my life and my house do too, and I have to cook nutritious but delicious meals for them to eat, and entertain them but also provide them with around-the-house things to do so they feel productive... I'd rather visit them.

roonie said...

You are so adorable, I just want to squeeze you. At least there's karma to get the person back who hit your car...so rest a little easier!

northwestgal said...

hahaha, that is *so* me. little ole scandinavian me, busting desi moves on the dance floor. i'm a super dork.
but when one feels the groove, one must moooove.
i blame dj rekha.