Saturday, October 28, 2006

Manifest Destiny*

My Halloween costume of choice wouldn't have taken much effort: I wanted to have a basket of things (candy, maybe?) that I would pass out, wait a few minutes and then gather back up.

Yup, I wanted to go as an Indian giver.

Two co-workers gently tried to tell me that I'm "um, ... not ... that ... kind... of..." Like I don't know!!

Jay-Z was horrified and told me that if I followed through, she would dissociate herself from me. She went so far as to say that she would claim that she "didn't know that cracker." I tried to insist on at least being called a whole-wheat cracker. Her response was, "Oh you've never been called 'cracker' by a white girl?? Yeah, that's what just happened!"

So, my "costume" was offensive, but her response is copacetic?

I think you can guess what I'll be wearing next Halloween.

* Mikie came into my office saying "What is it? Not Roosevelt corollary. Not Monroe Doctrine....." I immediately knew what he was talking about. When I said, "Uh, manifest destiny?", he looked immensely relieved. Working amongst geeks (techie, wordsmith, and more) is the best.


tamasha said...

That is the most awesome costume idea EVER. I might have to steal it for next year.

Matt Conrad said...

I'm still waiting for the promise of manifest destiny. When do we get to take over California?

Law-Rah said...

Indian giver...I love that!

brimful said...

Since I unabashedly announced I'll be stealing your idea at some point, I've been shopping it around. The results have been either "(light bulb moment) OMG, that's awesome!)" or "ohhhhh... that's bad." I'm all for offensive on Halloween, and this is much less offensive than the 'ho' costumes most people don!

maisnon said...

brimful: Maybe if it was "Slutty Indian Giver", fewer people would have a problem with it.

tamasha and law-rah: How fun would it be to have a whole group of Indian Givers ... a tribe, if you will? ;)

MC: NEVER! (Is this a reference to that Propellerheads song?)

roonie said...

I love your cleverness.

tamasha said...

A tribe of Slutty Indian Givers would definitely go over well.