Thursday, October 26, 2006

All aboard!

Weekend update being posted late, late Thursday - wow, if it was much later it would actually meld into the weekend.

Thursday That's right - the weekend starts on Thursday if I say it does! And any time the fabulous Chai comes for a visit, it is a special occasion! Chai expressed some trepidation about driving to my place, so she took CalTrain! How fun is that? I live two blocks from the train station and don't take it often enough. I listened for the whistle and walked up to meet her. As you know, I eat strictly from the Trader Joe's food group, so we headed there and picked up some goodies: olives stuffed with jalapenos, baguette, chevre. Dinner was just what I wanted - gabbing over a cluster of small bowls of antipasti, while Gia scoped out her Auntie Chai. I'm so thrilled to have her local for a little while!

Friday We celebrate the birfday of one of my favoritest people. (In fact, my two closest friends have the same bday - how conVEEENient!) The crew gathered at Double Dutch for some beverages and for some shakeage of the boot-ay on the dance floor. Some friends may have had more on the beverages side, some make have done more of the shakeage, and some friends may have been overtimin' it on both. We'll say no more, as it has been adequately discussed in other places.

I went to bed every single night my parents were here, and I thought I'd be compensating with some very late nights after they left. Not so much. Driving to the city, as much as I want to hang with la brim , what I really wanted was to curl up in my own bed and read a book. Maybe light a candle. I headed home early and did just that.

Saturday Bridge School Benefit! I met up with coworkers to see this superfantastic concert for a good cause. Stream-of-consciousness: Death Cab for Cutie - all indie and "Soul Meets Body", Trent Reznor - hawt and working outside his comfort zone because of the acoustic nature of the concert, Brian Wilson - surprisingly, the Beach Boy had the crowd up on its feet and dancing, Pearl Jam - R kept yelling for "Buttermint!!" and Eddie obliged, I relived every dorm party of my first year of university in 3 minutes, Dave Matthews Band - has never really done very much for me (sorry, roonie!) Neil Young kept it "Rockin' in the Free World." The concert truly was a great experience and I may blog about it later (ha!)

I spent 8 hours at Shoreline Amphitheater. It was probably 7 before I found out that the lawn is non-smoking! This is after sneezing every 5 minutes and rubbing my eyes red. Aargh. Even with that (and ensuing phone sex voice the next day), I am planning to organize a gathering for this concert next year.

Sunday The day o' celebratin' the Best Friend's bday. First, we went to Target. I know, right?? Why is she enabling my addicition? Then we went for dim sum. Then we hung out at her house and talked about nearly-impending baby. I pretended not to be hurt that she and her husband decided not to go with [maisnon] as the baby's name.

Then, up to the city to take brimful out for HER birthday. (Lots of eating in the name of births!) First, we walked around and enjoyed the Indian (feathers, not dot) summer in the city. I had been lamenting the fact that I have a gigantic head and can't wear hats. I try to say it is the hair, but really it may just be that I have a freakishly large noggin. I even yelled "HEEEED! PANTS!" in my best Scottish Brogue. I found a hat that fit me! (Shut UP about it being an extra-large!)

B and I then hit the so-called "crack shack" to watch episodes of Lost. She hated on Jack while I tried to defend him. (His self-righteousness is insufferable; I'm hoping he is a more balanced character this season.) My love for the show is waning. As I put it to a friend recently: 1st season - amazing ++, 2nd season - less good, 3rd season - thus far, more worser.

Yeah. So a lot happened over the weekend. Every day had a touch of sweetness - a moment of connection and warmth. Friday's was seeing my homeboy at "my" parking garage, Saturday's was bonding over my choice of water with the chiquita searching my bag at the concert, Sunday's was reading sidewalk graffiti with b. ("Mr. Seahorse knows that men can have babies." Indeed.)

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roonie said...

Don't worry. Dave Matthews doesn't do anything for me anymore...his new stuff is crap-o. But I would've loved to be at the Bridge Street Festival anyway!