Monday, November 06, 2006

5-7-5: heretofore, pertinent, and apposite

As y'all know, I love me some haiku.

As part of some random, alcohol-inspired rambling with Chai, I decided to try my hand at summing up key legal decisions in the traditional 5-7-5 format:

Separate is not equal
Segregation sucks
"parties are advised to chill"
says Judge Kozinksi

I invite the J.D.s, the wannabes, and the syllabically-inclined to have at it. Korematsu, Lawrence, Miranda .... so many options!


Decided to write a few IP ones (actually Barbie Girl is also IP - has to do with parody, copyright law, etc.):


Key patent law case:
Diamond v. Chakrabarty
Can you patent cells?

But not really cells….
Fine – microorganisms
Supreme Court says, “Yes.”

Trade Dress:

Taco Cabana
Seminal case in trade dress?
“Mexican” food fight!


Sony Betamax:
Copyright infringement claims,
Held for defendants

“Non-infringing use”
Non-commercial, ‘time-shifting’
Fair use defense works.

Controversial case:
Vicky’s Secret v. Moseley
Trademark dilution?

Yup, sometime the geek just LEAPS off the screen, doesn't it?


I like to eat...and sleep said...

One of my favorite computer related haikus:

Windows NT crashed.
I am the Blue Screen of Death.
No one hears your screams.q

matt said...

In re Dembiczak:
Motivation to combine
Makes it obvious.

Cohen v. Calif.:
The First Amendment Protects
Curse words on clothing.

Tarasoff lawsuit:
To prevent harm to others,
Tell on your patients.

Heather said...

I love it. Do another!