Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Some days, you feel like you connect with everyone. It just flows so naturally. Telling my eyebrow artiste about the film I saw at the 3rd i Film Festival led to a discussion of gender roles in diasporic Indian communities. My dentist kept me in stitches with stories about his mom trying to set him up with nice Iranian girls, while his iTunes pumped Nigerian rock and Swedish trance (?) through the speakers in the chair. Gia and I met the cat sitter: Gia was her normal charming self, and the cat sitter was duly charmed (winning points with me!)

I leave for DC tomorrow evening and I'm really looking forward to it. This could be called the Thanksgiving compromise - because I'm going to India over Xmas, I headed home for nearly two weeks to spend time with Mum. But, there are other upsides - I get to hang out with DC peeps. AND, because I'm there for more than just the holiday - people will actually be around! I've been hornswaggled into organizing an unofficial happy hour for law school alums - so I'm taking my social butterfly wings on the road. I get to see Sapner.

I get so excited before trips that I actively put things off so that I am rushing around the night before. It lets me work off the nervous energy. It's 11 pm and I am doing laundry while carefully constructing my packing list. I'm listening to Lily Allen's "Smile" on repeat and watching the clock tick by.

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roonie said...

This coast shall miss you.