Thursday, December 14, 2006

Mistaken Identity

Episode 1:

At my appointment with my new doctor, she told me that she had reviewed my file before coming in to chat with me. In the back of my head, as she kept talking, I thought, " I've never been here before?" Then, she asked me about the fertility tests I had done after my last physcial. Jigga-wha? I firmly stated that I hadn't had fertility tests done. She asked if I was sure, because they were definitely in my chart. I started asking her about my chart and we quickly established that she had read the chart of some OTHER maisnon. She put in my first and last names into the computer and pulled up a chart and naturally assumed it was mine. Oops! (To that other maisnon, hope things worked out!)

Episode 2:

I picked up my beloved car yesterday. The repair person said to me, "So, um, I think we have .... your husband's car, too." So many thoughts flitted through my mind as I tried to settle on exactly what to say to her. I ended up saying, "Um, that would involve having a husband, let alone a husband with a car that's at the autobody shop at the same time as mine." She was mortified, but I asked the follow-up question (which, of course, is "Is he cute???") (I think another good opener would have been to inquire after what kind of car he drove - I could have traded up!) As it turns out, my "husband's" name is one letter off from mine, maismon, if you will.


If one were feeling Indian auntie, one could draw some kind of conclusion about the universe not-so-subtly ribbing me re: my marital and maternal status. But, if one were to go Indian auntie on me, I'd tell you - the whole thing amuses me and has not moved me one jot towards wanting/pursuing either of those ends.


roonie said...

Highly amusing. But not enough to induce change! Right on.

roop said...