Monday, December 11, 2006


Friday All I wanted was some time to myself, and I got in spades. I can't even recall what I did, and that - that's ideal. :)

Saturday I hate being told what to do, let alone what to wear - it brings out my barely-contained inner teenaged rebel. I've had a bad attitude about our office's holiday party ever since it was announced that (1) it would be at the racetrack (THE RACETRACK!!!), and (2) that there would be a dresscode. I toyed with the idea of not going, but it was "strongly suggested" to me that I should go (which, of course, increased my not-wanting-to-go-ness.) I was determined to, at least, flout the dress code - but the shopping gods were not having it.

So I showed up at the racetrack (THE RACETRACK!!) on Saturday night in a black and bling-y dress with ridiculously glint-y silver heels on(needless to say - uncomfortable!) And.... I had an okay time. I chalk that up to mental attitude, I decided I was going to make a concerted effort to have a good time, and I managed to get to "okay."

I was home and massaging my feet by midnight. Perfecto!

Sunday So you know the morning after? The morning where you are wearing bright pink velour pants, a pink shirt, and a candy apple green fuzzy sweatshirt? And you go to the cute coffeeshop a block away dressed like that because you're so sure you won't run into anyone you know? Yeah, I did that. In the interest of embracing that I live in suburbia and not the city (at least for now,) I decided to enjoy one of the little nearby treasures - Cafe Borrone. I went bright and early, dressed.... very.... brightly. And, of course, I ran into an acquaintance.

I sat outside by the fountain and had a very enjoyable breakfast. I read my book, ate my mushroom-y eggs, listened to the fountain, watched the kids and small dogs (and the interaction between the two.) It was like being able to absorb just a little bit of things that I don't have in my life (and don't care to, at this moment.) Also, it was like being alone together. I remember telling a college friend once that I wanted to see a particular movie alone, she said, "Me too! Maybe we can go together." Missing the point a little! I like being in public spaces by myself. Having my notebook with me to scribble way, taking breaks to watch people - it's all very cozy and happy-making.

I spent the day content in my own company - reading books, napping, aiding Gia in her quest to spread cat-hair domination throughout the apartment, etc. Things are about to spike to 11, with the upcoming trip, etc., and it was nice to just slow it down.


roonie said...

That's one cozy Sunday. I live for those.

absolutgcs said...

i love days like that too. i've spent a few at cafe borrone as well. i never managed to get any studying done there though, it was always too loud.

have you tried any of their sandwiches? they're spectacular.