Thursday, February 22, 2007

Three Little Birds

Be grateful: I nearly wrote this post last night after my wine class (i.e. 1/2 a sheet to the wind.) But, I thought, "No! My readers (all four of them) deserve better! They deserve nouns and verbs. In the same sentence, even!"

Weekend update! (on Thursday, but hey - at least it's happening!)

I had an awesome weekend, and by awesome I mean I mostly did nothing, and a lot of it. Perfection.

Friday night, I took Jay-Z out for drinks to Iberia, a Spanish joint around the corner from chez moi, to celebrate her last day at work. The sangria there is fabulous, and strong! As we were leaving, I ran into a blog commenter! What's funny is that we met up once before .... at Iberia! We joked back and forth about "how come you didn't call me? I thought you had a good time on our date", etc., while her patient boyfriend rolled his eyes.

Saturday - nothing, with a side order of nothing. The big event of the day was making dinner for TBF. She is now 8 months pregnant and on bedrest, poor thing. We watched "Dazed and Confused" - how had I never seen that before?? There are such holes in my movie knowledge.

Sunday - I went to a few open houses in the city. I'm feeling a little ambivalent about whether I want to buy or not, but oddly, I really enjoy going to open houses now. I like learning a little more about the city, parking somewhere and walking around. Something I knew, but that I re-affirmed this weekend: if the listing says fixer-upper, it's a total disaster. "contractor's dream" = "buyer's nightmare." I was in the living room of the second open house when a woman and her husband walked in. We looked at each other and immediately started walking towards each other. It turns out she works for the same firm, but the SF office and we had met once months ago. We talked real estate for a little bit, and continued around the house.

Monday (bonus round, bitches!) I spent the morning in bed with "The Moor's Last Sigh." I've had a much harder time getting wrapped up in this Rushdie than the last, but I think I turned the corner. I finally pulled myself away and decided to hit the cafe. Yeah, noonish on a holiday with beautiful weather? Not a good time to hit the cafe. The cafe has a little sign about doubling up with "unmet friends" when necessary. I managed to suck it up and ask someone if I could share his table. I settled down, and reached into my backpack for the Moor ... only to come up empty-handed. Ick. I ended up chatting with my co-table occupant, poor thing. And it turned out to be a great conversation: we covered real estate, economics, studying languages , entrepreneurship, etc. Unmet friend, indeed.

I did next to nothing this weekend, and yet - every day had its own little coincidence, it's own unexpected conversation. And, sometimes, that's all you need.


arem said...

it is official - you work for "the firm" and the co-workers you "meet" everywhere are keeping tabs on you ;)

Roonie said...

I think Maisnon 1/2 a sheet to the wind would've been acceptable to this lil' drunkard as well ;)