Sunday, February 25, 2007


"Thanks, sweetheart."

Come again? I know that the guy at the running store did not just call me 'sweetheart'! I have packages of couscous older than him!

NB: If you are a diner waitress in Baltimore of indescribable age, you can call me 'hon.' If you're not, don't even think about it.


Roonie said...

But "sweetheart" is kinda nice! Much less offensive than "hon" and much less condescending than "dear." And much less insulting than "baby," which my landlord calls me all the time.

sandhya said...

As a native of the Baltimore area--I couldn't agree with you more!!

maisnon said...

Roonie: From the Baltimore diner waitress, "hon" is not condescending. It nearly makes you feel cool.

sandhya: "I'm from Bal'more, HON!" ;)