Saturday, March 31, 2007


So, blogging has fallen a little - and, as usual, it's not because I don't have a lot to write about. I find myself wishing the world would slow down a little so that I could catch my breath and just watch for a little while. I think I'll classify this as the "I need a vacation feeling." This is not good, because April looks to be a superbusy month.

Things that are making me happy right now:
  • Ridiculously cool clock I bought. It projects the time on the ceiling. My biggest reason for considering Lasiktm was the vain hope of being able see the bedside clock without my glasses. (Yes, it's that bad.) What's even funnier is that I haven't really had a clock in the bedroom for ... over a year. (Don't hate me just because I don't need an alarm to get up!) This clock is Starck (oooh - all fancy-like), and I have been kind of petting it. And maybe calling it "my Precious." Don't judge! And I bought it for $15. The cheap-ass desi within rejoices!!
  • Having a truly, truly shit day ... and having friends check in with you the next day. So schweet. Even Hesse, who has a 3-year old's inquisitiveness, managed to not ask for details.
  • Having a truly, truly shit day (partie deux) ... and having someone from the Internets email you because they think you are sympatico! So totally what I needed!
  • On a total whim (and at the last minute!!), entering the Women 2.0 Napkin Business Challenge. Total geek that I am, I hit the public library for some emergency "business plan/Internet start-up" type books. I don't have a chance in hell, but it was ... an experience.
  • Dinner plans with la brim, and a hot date with Janeane Garofolo. Okay, maybe she doesn't know it's a date. (Little known fact, if a movie was ever made of my life, I would want her to play me. But, you know, taller. And Indian.)


i like to sleep...and eat... said...

Your precious? Still a really great idea, though!

roonie said...

You really don't need an alarm clock to wake up?

I might buy that. I like gadgets.

maisnon said...

ILTSAE: the design is AWESOME! And I'm loving the projection feature!

roonie: I should write a little guide on "how to learn to wake up without an alarm clock." If you are not a big sleeper, I think it's something you can teach yourself.