Thursday, April 05, 2007


A bevy of beautiful bloggers - brilliant!

I met up with ads, oodles, brimful, tamasha (visiting from NYC!), brown sugar and our erstwhile mango pickle in the Mission for some tapas. Five of us were full-on early for dinner! And we're all desi! Wonders may never cease.

The evening was an odd mix of feeling nervous and preternaturally comfortable. Nervous because, well, there will always be a little tension to meeting people you do not know. I have accepted that I'm the Queen of Dorks, I even revel in it, at times. But, I still have my shy, 7 year-old "will they like me??" side. And also my "Oh my god, I can't believe I said that! How embarassing" 13 year-old side. And, of course, my "Get over it all, already" 32 year-old side. (That's a lot of sides, yo.)

It's preternaturally comfortable because you kinda/sorta know the person in that you have read their writing. You may know a little about their life (what they do for a living, maybe whether they have siblings, what kind of music they like), but more than that there is a sense that the way someone writes tell you how they think. What ideas and points do they stress? What shapes their humor?

That's all the stuff going on in my head. But the dinner itself, delightful. MP is just as funny as you'd expect, and there was quite the round of "wait ... do you know my cousin?" (And, of course, at least once - the answer was "Yes!") I love me some tapas, and I love me some bloggers and to have both at once - sweet.


Zed said...

Oh! This sounds so cute. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time as it should be. I burst out laughing re: your sentence about all your sides, yo.

Roonie said...

I wish I could've been there.

brown sugar said...

It was SO much fun. Thanks for arranging everything and hopefully we'll do it again soon. :-)

Ennis said...

Did you find out why Mango Pickle's blog turned into gay porn and then disappeared?

tamasha said...

Heh. I got the word beautiful. ;)

OK, I'll stop being catty - but only if Ennis stops being so damn nosy.

Maisnon - photos?!?

chai said...

wish i was there TOO.

Ennis said...

Excuse me?