Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The indomitable wt visited me at work and we hit Starbucks. (I know, sometimes the glamour - it's just too much.) wt zinged me with the quote of the day.

(wt tells me about some ridiculous interaction with a chiquita)

maisnon (stunned): I'll never understand people

wt: You'll never understand WOMEN. Because you're a DUDE!

maisnon (stunned silent - for once!)

wt: Well, you have dude emotions.

maisnon: I don't think it's that at all - I think it's that I'm an optimist and an idealist. And fundamentally, I just don't GET that people don't treat each other well, or with the other person's interest in mind.

(And, that latter part? Yeah, it doesn't get more "chick" than that.)


roonie said...

I wish I could have "dude emotions." Boy, would I be a lot more stable!

maisnon said...

roonie: I'm not even sure what it means, though.