Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I think I need to go on a news-reduction/elimination diet. Maybe just for a week.

I feel like I flood myself with news: I've tracked the U.S. Attorney scandal, I kept up with the Imus-thing, and now, of course, the tragedy at Virginia Tech. (My brothers and I all attended VA-state schools, LB1 is a Hokie.)

On the one hand, I think it is important to be well-informed. But, on the other, more personally and selfishly: I need a break from it.

In one of my more "New Age" moments, I would say that keeping up with the news is changing my energy, and not in a way that is helping any of the problems, or anyone - least of all me. Information and news coverage can motivate you and get you involved, or it can just ... diminish you.

This isn't forever, it's just for now. One week - I'm going to say until April 27th - no reading of my political commentary or news blogs.

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