Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Browsing through my drafts:

Big D (started on 6/6/06):

I'm goin' through the big D/ And don't mean Dallas

Actually, Mark Chestnutt, I do mean Dallas. I'm in the Big D off and on for work ... for the next two months

Mom=midget [no other text!]

Hot, Hot, Heat (started on 7/24/06):

I have to say, living in the Bay area has turned me into some kind of uber-wuss. I'm a total whiny brat about the temperature, now. When I think of the time I've spent in India, Malaysia, etc., and one incandescently hot summer in DC - all sans air conditioning - I feel like it must have been some other person that used the power of evaporation and moving as little as humanly to best the temperature.


This weekend, I was driving and thinking of the many ways people interact. It seems almost inevitable that if you allow someone into your life, if you connect with them in some way, that they will at some point disappoint or otherwise hurt you. I think our interactions inspire our best selves, but there is no denying that there are huge costs.

Just like Honey:

SJM and I once talked about starting a (comedy) desi writing group here in the Bay-area. The reason we wanted it to be "comedy" writing was because, as I put it, "How many more 'my mom - she doesn't understand me!' stories can we listen to??"

I only joke because it's true!

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