Saturday, April 07, 2007

A year ago...

/Tar · ZHAY/

How do you say... Tar-zhay?Why hasn't Target picked up on this yet? Why haven't they come out with an ad campaign exploiting what everyone calls them in jest? They could use that Deeee-lite song, and Lady Miss Kier could star. It would be trippy and fabulous.

Clearly, I'm not fully exploiting my talents. Amiga and I spoke today of potentially forming an advertising/marketing company. It would be a community service, really. I see way too many ads that suck. I could do something about that.

Also, I'd like to discuss a little Tarzhay phenomenon - why can I not get out of the store without dropping pretty close to a Benjamin? Everything is so reasonably priced (and cute!!) that I can't point to an item and say, 'Yeah, I really shouldn't have purchased that.' And that's why they own my ass.


Follow-up ad: Rupaul (who, by the way, has been blogging for over 4 years) with a different take on "Sashay, Chante (You Better Work!)" - Tarzhay, Tarzhay!

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brown sugar said...

Girl, all I have to say is that the best bday present I got this year was a gift card to Target. Now if there was only one here in SF... :-)