Wednesday, May 16, 2007

bollywood swingin'

maisnon: went and saw Spiderman 3 with Hesse last night. WORST!
sapner: can't decide whether to still go or not
maisnon: don't go! it has some really, really horrendous bollywood-esque moments
sapner: really?
maisnon: which i'm even LESS okay with when they are portrayed by Tobey Maguire. There is a scene where he kinda re-enacts Saturday Night Fever or something. So he is walking the streets kind of strutting, and giving people the double gun thing at waist level
sapner: oh lord.
maisnon: and dancing ... and I was waiting for 15 male backup dancers to jump out. They’d be dressed in jumpsuits - maybe hot pink and blue or something.
sapner: any women dancing in the rain wearing chiffon?
maisnon: No - but lots of women dangling and screaming. Which could be subbed for the whole woman with hand to mouth during fight sequence thing.
sapner: I think they don't have fight sequences anymore. Like, dacoits are completely missing from bollywood now
maisnon: yeah - that's true, i'm thinking old school.
sapner: my all time favorite is when the intrepid hero takes his leave of his lady love and while speaking refers to the possibility that he might go down fighting and her hand goes to HIS mouth as if to force the words back in...
sapner: copious tears
sapner: and then hero holding her hand
sapner: and being even more macho
sapner: i cringe when i type it
sapner: i have a meeting to go to now
sapner: but will leave on that note
sapner: i may go down fighting though...

maisnon: no no.... don't say it!

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Anonymous said...

Before I make a fool of myself, I gotta ask if you're someone I know since I couldn't get your name from the profile. In anycase hello and props on the movie list in your profile, we share a lot of common favorites!