Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mary J. Wanna

Or, yet again, why I love working here.

I can't have plants at home (Gia is quite the greenery eater - and there are a lot of plants that are toxic to cats. Not a good combination.) I make up for it by having quite a few in my office. A coworker was in my office checking out the ones in the window. I told her that they were rootbound and that I need to repot them.

Then, my coworker and I cracked up and kept talking about buying POTs really loudly, practically screaming into the hallway every time we said "buy some POT!!!!" And cracking up some more.

Good times, good times.


wt said...

You are a child.

bengali chick said...

I now love your office.

yasmine said...

conversational references to DRUGS! oh, how i lowve you even more now. :D