Friday, June 15, 2007

wide, open spaces

There's a scene in When Harry Met Sally* where Sally is describing the break-up of her last relationship. She talks about how spontaneous and free they thought their life was, how they could fly off to Rome on a whim. And how one day she came home and said, "The thing is, Joe, we never do fly off to Rome on a moment's notice."

wt has been in Albquerque for nearly a year now. His time is so close to being over that he is keeping a ticker as his away message. And I've been threatening to visit him the whole time. I spoke to him Tuesday and, out of the blue, he said "come this weekend." I opened up my Outlook calendar, looked at the expanse, unmarred yellow space and hit travelocity.

It's not exactly Rome, but I'm off to ABQ soon, soon, soon. And I'm so excited. I forgot what a ridiculous rush of energy I get whenever I travel ANYWHERE. My odd travel rituals: packing list, food in the freezer, gas in the car. Man, there's just something about putting a few items in a bag, zipping it up and heading out the door.

I obviously need to get the hell out of Dodge more often.

* Oddly, this is the second When Harry Met Sally-themed post that I have written recently. Let's all take a moment to be glad I didn't post the other one. It put the "bit" in "bitter"!


agk said...

i just webt to abq for the first time this spring. it is a reallly different, interesting place. if you have time, try and visit the surrounding areas -- the jemez valley is gorgeous and maybe only 1 hr. away!

roonie said...

Ah, sweet escape. I can't wait to hear about the weekend when you return.

wt said...

Thank you so much for the visit. Perfect timing. And I think in some ways ABQ is better than Rome.