Monday, July 30, 2007

the bars can not hold me

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So. Less than a week until I move. When I started this, I thought, "Moving is always hell, and the hell stretches and fills all the time you have. You may as well condense it down." And, for the most part, this strategy has worked.

One of the best parts about NOT being a student, is being able to pay for movers. The Mighty volunteered to help me move, but her eyes were pleading, "Please don't say yes!" I volunteered to just buy her pizza and beer and pretend that she'd helped me.

I'd like to think that I'm more into experiences that I am into things, but the number of boxes I have cluttering my apartment at this moment would prove that to be a lie. How? Why? No idea. I'm culling as much as I can - and THAT's the thing that has suffered with the express move. I think, given more time, I would have done a more thorough job on the "slash and burn" (translation: trash and Goodwill.)

This weekend, I was at my fabulous threader, and another of her clients thought that we were mother and daughter (a huge compliment to me!) Also, this weekend, I walked down the block to get sushi and snapped this photo of "my" movie theater. There are things I'm leaving. To keep me juiced and moving forward on the move, I've kept my eye on the future: restaurants I want to check out, routines I want to establish, ideas I have. I haven't taken the time to appreciate the things, people, and places that I'm leaving behind.

Maybe that's a good thing. I have a tendency to get pouty and draggy in the face of change - even if I'm moving towards something I want. The situation being what it is, I'm hoping that I'll hit nostalgia and longing when I'm already enjoying the pleasures of my new home.

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tamasha said...

Um, sometimes you need "things" to help you experience those experiences, y'know? I mean, certain days and nights have been so much better because of the shoes I was wearing. I'm just saying.